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What is ICU?

In November 2014, ICU officially opened its door for investment for local persons of Malaysia. We started with a small but efficient team and ICU gradually grows. After 2 years of team work ICU had over 2000 Investors. Slowly but consistently we grow and all of our investors showed their trust on us and we can proudly say that we gave our best to all of our investors.
“We deliver what we commit”.

Now ICU wants to open its door for the entire world and that’s why we have built an online platform where people can invest risk freely from the whole world.

In the beginning ICU just focus on Real estate. As our team grows we just grow our business as well. Currently we are working on following.

This is not the end it’s just a beginning, ICU will keep adding more experts who can increase the wealth of our investors.

Highly Profitable easy ways to make money

How to earn money online

How to earn money online is now a days a most commonly asked question. The hiking prices, the financial challenges and the cravings for better life-standard arouse an urge for an investment which is less risky and more profitable.
If you are in search for such an easy investment, ICU provides you this golden opportunity. The organization (ICU) imparts an ample likelihood to multiply your earning with a meager capital. The platform suits to all who aspire to invest in a secured sector.
The establishment of ICU in November 2014 attracted domestic financiers of Malaysia. It then was a small but really dedicated team that soon decided to raise it to international level. Now the growth of ICU has got international trust with the inclusion of phenomenal increase of foreigners in its membership. Its growth rests upon its transparency, commitment and dedication. It all has enabled its team to give its investors a stimulus of confidence and trust.
ICU is recommendable because of these significant points

How to make money from home |Real-estate Investment|

If how to make money from home is your question then here is the answer, Real Estate business initiated by ICU is secure and safe. There are fewer prospects of its failure and loss. The reason of its robust strength and solid security rooted in the methodology adopted to execute the whole process.
From the selection of lands to the erection of buildings, the whole process takes place with thorough legality and keen perception. The lands are selected carefully which are bound to yield good profit within no time.
The research team is ever busy in making decisions about the selection of lands which are bought through legal documentation thus it renders the business security and protection.

Highly Profitable easy ways to make money

For highly profitable easy ways to make money online, ICU real-estate offers three different categories to investors; all keep wonderful opportunity to earn maximum profit.
First there is long term policy which involves the construction of empty plots into residential flats and apartments. Second, there is rental income which is called Midterm Policy. Third, Short-term Policy includes the purchase and sale of property.
The investment in ICU is likely to grow exceptionally. The business boasts 98 percent success which makes it lucrative and reliable. A profitable real estate business expands marvelously if lands selected occupy prime locations which is the utmost priority of ICU.
We ever seek locations which have capacity to earn handsome profit. Therefore, the profit at ICU multiplies. Every investor can earn according to the ratio of his investment. It means the higher the share, the greater the profit. So invest more and earn more with conviction and confidence. The commissions and team building are additional benefits that you can avail yourself here at ICU. The referral system makes it more interesting and expands your social ties.
The people have been earning a lot through this scheme and you should not miss this vital chance to enhance your income which can translate your dreams into reality.

Stock Market

To earn profit easily is a desire that tickles every heart. There are certain legitimate easy means to do so and stock market is one of them. It lets us earn profit comfortably and reliably.
The all an investor needs is keen study of trends in the market. If one is busy and cannot have time to study the shifting variability of the market, it’s advisable to invest in a corporation that is secure over the years.

Best Investments

ICU is such a platform which claims security and paramount profit to its investors. With the growth in the business, ICU has also opened new horizons for best investments.
Earlier its basic focus was Real-State but now it has opened new vistas of investment and emerging one is Stock-Market. ICU is recommendable because of these distinct features
Profit in Stock Market mostly depends upon the close study of the trends in the market. It takes time to recognize the potential of profit that may be earned by investing in a corporation. The experts at ICU do the job of research and find the corporations where investment is safe and earns maximum profit. ICU launched very successfully the portfolio of Stock Market. The team works under the supervision of great finance expert like James Richardson who is Chartered Financial Analyst. Under his dynamic leadership with experience of twenty years, ICU has been working for the uplift of the business.
As the team at ICU is skilful and seasoned in the art of making profit through safe investment, it is, therefore, prone to earn lucratively. The profit ratio at ICU Stock Market Portfolio has multiplied four times for the last two years. It’s been possible only through the earnest efforts of our team and the wise study of our leaders who are ever busy to look for the possibilities for a secure investment which can bring lucrative profit for the investor. ICU also intends to invest in new financial markets.

Future Prospects

ICU has not only concentrated on the prospects of earning profit through one portfolio rather it’s on the lookout for new trendy markets. The topmost in the priority list is NASDAQ which is one of the largest Stock Exchange Corporations. The investors who joined us are happy and satisfied how all the process takes place and hopefully the potential investors will be equally satisfied. Thus all of the investors who wish to be paid a handsome amount of profit must invest at ICU Financial Market.


ICU started its business with real-estate. ICU shares profit with its customers on their investment ratio basis. In Real-Estate ICU earned profits in couple of ways, Firstly by Rental income secondly Capital gain by selling of Commercial and Residential plots and houses.

Our research team always select any property with very intense study of all of its legal aspects that’s why our success ratio is 98%. We always make profit on each property we buy for re-sale purpose. ICU owns various properties located at prime locations from where we earn amazing Rentals.

Stock Market

Two years back Mr. James Richard (Chartered Financial Analyst) joins our team. He introduce us with an amazing income stream. With his 20 years of financial market experience ICU is earning amazing profits from its portfolio.

Mr. James Richard increases ICU profits by 4 times and he doing amazing things to increase the wealth of our investors. He is planning to enter in new markets as well.

Weekly Return


Direct Commission







ICU (Investment Care Unit) make it very simple for our investors. When you join ICU and you can earn in two ways, firstly the profit share we commit on each package and secondly by referring others. Every investor will get 10% of the package subscribed by referee. E-g Mr. A is platinum investor if he refer a person who subscribe platinum package as well then Mr. A will get $1000 per Platinum referral but if Mr. A refers a person who subscribe diamond Package then Mr. A will get $500.

All your referrals will be your team and your team will be yours no one else will get benefit of your hard work. After one year when your team will re-subscribe their packages you will get commissions without even doing anything.


250 $

  • 120% Total revenue
  • Roi 2.3 % Weekly
  • Profit 20%
  • Direct commission 10%

500 $

  • 125% Total revenue
  • ROI 2.4% Weekly
  • Profit 25%
  • Direct commission 10%

1000 $

  • 130% Total revenue
  • ROI 2.5% Weekly
  • Profit 30%
  • Direct commission 10%
Most Popular

3000 $

  • 140% Total revenue
  • ROI 2.7% Weekly
  • Profit 40%
  • Direct commission 10%

5000 $

  • 145% Total revenue
  • ROI 2.79% Weekly
  • Profit 45%
  • Direct commission 10%

10000 $

  • 150% Total revenue
  • ROI 2.89% Weekly
  • Profit 50%
  • Direct commission 10%