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What is ICU?

In November 2014, ICU officially opened its door for investment for local persons of Malaysia. We started with a small but efficient team and ICU gradually grows. After 2 years of team work ICU had over 2000 Investors. Slowly but consistently we grow and all of our investors showed their trust on us and we can proudly say that we gave our best to all of our investors.
“We deliver what we commit”.

Now ICU wants to open its door for the entire world and that’s why we have built an online platform where people can invest risk freely from the whole world.

In the beginning ICU just focus on Real estate. As our team grows we just grow our business as well. Currently we are working on following.

This is not the end it’s just a beginning, ICU will keep adding more experts who can increase the wealth of our investors.


ICU started its business with real-estate. ICU shares profit with its customers on their investment ratio basis. In Real-Estate ICU earned profits in couple of ways, Firstly by Rental income secondly Capital gain by selling of Commercial and Residential plots and houses.

Our research team always select any property with very intense study of all of its legal aspects that’s why our success ratio is 98%. We always make profit on each property we buy for re-sale purpose. ICU owns various properties located at prime locations from where we earn amazing Rentals.

Stock Market

Two years back Mr. James Richard (Chartered Financial Analyst) joins our team. He introduce us with an amazing income stream. With his 20 years of financial market experience ICU is earning amazing profits from its portfolio.

Mr. James Richard increases ICU profits by 4 times and he doing amazing things to increase the wealth of our investors. He is planning to enter in new markets as well.

Weekly Return


Direct Commission







ICU (Investment Care Unit) make it very simple for our investors. When you join ICU and you can earn in two ways, firstly the profit share we commit on each package and secondly by referring others. Every investor will get 10% of the package subscribed by referee. E-g Mr. A is platinum investor if he refer a person who subscribe platinum package as well then Mr. A will get $1000 per Platinum referral but if Mr. A refers a person who subscribe diamond Package then Mr. A will get $500.

All your referrals will be your team and your team will be yours no one else will get benefit of your hard work. After one year when your team will re-subscribe their packages you will get commissions without even doing anything.


250 $

  • 120% Total revenue
  • Roi 2.3 % Weekly
  • Profit 20%
  • Direct commission 10%

500 $

  • 125% Total revenue
  • ROI 2.4% Weekly
  • Profit 25%
  • Direct commission 10%

1000 $

  • 130% Total revenue
  • ROI 2.5% Weekly
  • Profit 30%
  • Direct commission 10%
Most Popular

3000 $

  • 140% Total revenue
  • ROI 2.7% Weekly
  • Profit 40%
  • Direct commission 10%

5000 $

  • 145% Total revenue
  • ROI 2.79% Weekly
  • Profit 45%
  • Direct commission 10%

10000 $

  • 150% Total revenue
  • ROI 2.89% Weekly
  • Profit 50%
  • Direct commission 10%